Losing Track of Time

I feel like time might be spinning a bit out of control for me. Or I’ve truly slipped into a wandering state of mind where the day of the week is only marginally important. Essentially, if I’m not worried about a museum’s opening days or… busy bars, I suppose, it’s fairly irrelevant whether it’s Monday or Saturday. So I’m shocked that it’s already been a week since my last post.

Sticking with the theme, I’ve seen Holland in just such a manner. From my discoveries, I’ve determined it’s the best way to do it here, anyway. The cities are replete cafes and eateries whose charms are best appreciated at random. Even in the more governmental and stately city of The Hague, I happened upon the many great sites it offers by chance.

Like Indonesian beer

For a few days, Den Haag held its place as my favorite Dutch city (Amsterdam was too crowded and touristy). Then I arrived in Rotterdam. It’s a modern, architectural marvel, bristling with an underground-style energy. I ended up getting such a great impression that I extended my stay by two days.

And who could leave these guys?

And I’ve just walked, taking in as much as possible.

Yarn bomb!

One great advantage of cities here is their compactness. Instead of limiting the culture, they simply make it more accessible. As a result, one could theoretically traverse the downtown in half an hour, but would never manage to do so for the endless selection of park benches, cafes and pathways from which to take in the world.

I prefer thrones

There have been a couple times during my travels that I’ve questioned if this is the “right” way to travel across Europe. I quickly remember that it’s a silly question to pose, as it’s allowed me to meet some brilliant people and indulge in specialty stroopwaffles.

Even better, it allows me to move around the continent at will. As I don’t know the day of the week, I rarely know where I’ll end up in two stops. For now, though, I am preparing a long-distance ride to Bruges. Somehow, just as time has gotten away from me, so has my time in the Netherlands. In no time at all, I’m already moving on to another country. Where did that come from?


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