Some Self-Promotion

The time has come for yet another adventure. In under two weeks I will depart for London to bike through Europe. This is only part of what I have intended to do (circumnavigate the globe), but is progress in that direction. Visas and money prevent me from completing this in one step, but I hope to work my way around the world in chunks.

At first I had tried to purchase a one way ticket into France in order to bike for as long as my trip, money, or resolve would last. But alas, immigration officials are wary of foreigners entering without proving that they’ll leave, so visa regulations forced my hand in limiting the trip. Therefore I have until the beginning of July to ride from London, England to Vienna, Austria. I’m leaving everything in between up to improvisation.

My largest fear since returning from Indonesia was not what I would do with my career. That was a close second, though. Instead, it was that I would fall into a rut without challenging myself in this way or seeing the world the way I want to. I’m thrilled that I’ve gotten myself to this point and can’t wait to see what transpires during my wanderings.

I have also developed a longer term goal: keep traveling, wandering and seeking adventure. Of course there is major self-interest in this goal, but I also want to inspire other people to do the same. Travel, and all that we learn within it, is what brings us together, what makes life great.

In that vain, I want to turn this blog into a source of such inspiration. I want to show readers how much is out there for them, and how possible it is to lead a great life.

As a result, I hope to develop a higher quality blog. Consistency is my biggest issue, which I will work on by developing ideas ahead of time. However, I would really appreciate feedback. What do readers like, dislike or want to see? What should I write more about, or less? What questions do you have?

If anybody really wishes to get involved: give me (affordable and legal) missions or tasks. I’ll test the waters with this.

Also, I’m uploading my photos to a RedBubble account in an attempt to make some extra cash to supplement my travels. Please browse and give me feedback as to how you think I could improve these as well as my blogs.

Most importantly, though: please share with anybody who might be interested. I want to see where this can go. The goal is to develop a steady stream of tales, adventures and reflections that would encourage other people to engage in their own.


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