My Debut to the Realm of Online Writing

With the end of the semester comes the official end of my internship. In case you may have wondered what I’ve been doing other than running around the country and going out every night, I also wrote for an online magazine geared towards gringo ex-pats in Santiago.
While there’s a lot to do in this city, it’s hard to really find the good stuff unless you’re from here or hang out with the locals, who you would be unlikely to meet without knowing about these places anyway. Enter Revista Revolver. Writers (all volunteers) create articles about local things, from music and theater to food to general culture in order to help foreigners break out of the gringo bubble. I was fortunate enough to get credit for writing for them, while most others in my program were stuck in offices, usually just doing their homework.
Here are my final products thus far (I’m hoping to keep writing for them if I can find something that’s possible to do from afar):
In the end, I should have gotten more articles out, but at least this is a start in a field I never would have expected to try. It’s a fun way to explore a new place and to think about the differences of the culture that you’re living in. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep doing something like this in the coming years.
For now, enjoy (or laugh at) even more of my writing! 

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