Why I’m Here

This video expresses part of the reasons I chose Chile, and why I keep talking about trying to see everything everywhere in this world. The epic music makes it that much more exciting, but the video shows how the world is too beautiful and diverse not to explore it. All of those images, from summer to winter in five weeks, come from one country. If all of that fits into a super-thin, long area, you can see how there’s so much more in the remaining millions of square miles of earth.
Jose Miguel, my host brother, found this video at a perfect time, as I’m preparing my backpack for a five day hiking/camping trip through Torres del Paine, which many say is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Google images searches certainly support these claims, but I’ll let you know when I see it for myself. I’ve never gone camping before, and also haven’t done serious hiking, so having my first experiences in both fields start here seems like a great introduction.
Even better, and reflecting the diversity in the video, the day after returning from Patagonia, the program is taking us out to Easter Island for four days. We will transition from trekking close to the bottom of the earth to the world’s most remote inhabited island.
And yet I’m still only just scratching the surface of one corner of the world.

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